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I am a postdoctoral researcher at Estación Biológica de Doñana (CSIC) working in the SHOWCASE project (H2020). My research focuses on wild and domesticated biodiversity in agricultural landscapes. I have multidisciplinary expertise in agricultural systems with a deep focus on human-environment interactions. I have combined studies in Veterinary, Agroecology and Ecology, searching for multidimensional solutions to contemporary problems of agricultural systems under Global Change.

My line of research is interdisciplinary between ecology, animal production and agronomy, genetics, sociology and anthropology. I have worked on ecosystem services assessments in agroecosystems and the sustainability analysis of agricultural and livestock activity. During my PhD, I developed an innovative line of research on the auto-ecological and biogeographical aspects of local Spanish livestock breeds. The aim of this research has been to integrate knowledge on the functioning of ecosystems and the behaviour of biodiversity in agricultural areas in order to promote a more sustainable land management.

 My main research interests can be framed as (1) integration of theories from different fields (ecology, evolution, earth sciences, genetics, anthropology, etc.) to improve our understanding of biodiversity processes, mechanisms and functions and (2) to better understand those drivers that modulate the distribution, adaptation and selection of wild and domesticated diversity in order to foster its conservation and to promote more sustainable food systems.